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  1. I guess we all need attention… some just more than others.

  2. disappointed in humanity disappointed in humanity

    seriously, somebody get this girl some therapy.
    Either- she’s atttention- seeking and it’s all made up, or she is really, really in a mess. I feel pity for her. If this is the only way she can express herself, then, she might want to consider changing careers.
    She’d make a great murderess- after all she has no qualms about making and then destroying life.
    Maybe we could buy her a plant, start slowly, and show her what respect for life is.
    I am pro-choice, I am however, not pro-stupidity for the sake of it.
    Her parent’s must be so ashamed. and if they’re not, frankly, at least we see where the problem came from!

  3. John John

    This girl is just out of her mind. She thinks she is stimulating meaningful public discourse when in fact all she has done is make an entire nation think she’s a total whackjob who gets a kick out of getting knocked up and having abortions. And pro-choice feminists will all be clamoring for her right to smear vaginal fluid and blood all over a cube of plastic? Oh yeah…well where my right to jerk off on their faces and hang them from a ceiling?

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    You want to work in porn?

  5. pat pat

    I have never heard of such sickness since Dr. Mengle. I will pray for mental well being as it seems she needs it. Please post her picture to the nut job on msnbc and maybe he’ll award her the second worst person of the year behind Bill O.

  6. Really? Did someone just make a Nazi reference? Really? No, REALLY?

    Everyday in every way I am less and less impressed with the concept of human intelligence.

  7. Dan Dashnaw Dan Dashnaw

    Disgraceful. Think about it. Not politically. But as a human being.

  8. John John

    Though the expression or definition of art is purely a subjective matter, the lack of respect and value for your own life and health are definitely not. As a physician and respected member of the scientific community I cannot find words to convey the disgust and preoccupation for your actions. Any person of intelligence and with a stable and integral mental condition would have discouraged such behavior. I strongly advise you to seek professional counseling and contact any member of the medical community before undertaking any similar action in the future.

  9. Does this chick do DVDA?

  10. There are other things to consider in this situation and that is yes she has a very strange medium and it is questionably unethical,but not to forget there are processes in which artist follow before they are allowed to put a piece of work up. Letters of intent, artist statements, meetings with the curator, contracts etc are all part of the process of having work showed in a gallery. So someone had to have approved this. It is unfair for the artist to receive such scathing reviews, when the curator, and who ever it was that organized the show are getting the benefits of such controversial work (no publicity is bad publicity). Its a great time to ask who benefits from this work? Is it the artist? Is it the university? is it the gallery? The artist took a risk, and I applaud the artist who is capable of challenging the status quo in art. the work may be shocking, but at least it isn’t boring.

  11. Strata Strata

    She has no artistic talent so she has to use shock in order to get noticed.
    It sickens me to see lackluster no talent losers claim crap as art.
    This was one of God’s creations. The fact that she has twisted a beautiful creation shows how desperate she is for any kind attention.
    LEARN to produce quality work!
    LEAVE the crap in the toilet!

  12. Vidal Vidal

    I can only say that if this lack of repect for human life is all that Yale University can offer this country, it should close permanently. This so called art is insulting to decency, to human sensitivity, to any great artist the world has ever known, to morality, and to art herself. To ecuate death to art is absurd. On the other hand, may be her dried out brain and body, being pissed on by a dog, could be considered a masterpiece specially by her parents. SIMPLY DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ryan Ryan

    I know what she did. But is that it? It doesn’t look like anything recogniseable.

  14. J J

    This entire project by far the least creative thing I’ve ever heard of… strike that, it’s the second least thing creative thing I’ve ever heard of. The first was her mind-numbing screed against patriarchal hegemony visible here:

    My first thought was – maybe she’s kidding, maybe this is all a great prank pulled by someone with some forward-thinking idea about the difficulty of self-expression. But instead, she seems to be a mind full of backward, boring ideas about institutions, creativity, and feminism. PLEASE, please, some self-respecting person at Yale, give this girl some reading material or a glimpse into an actual progressive, artistic world view? She’s so uncreative it doesn’t even deserve to be talked about… I’m just disappointed that someone so limited was accepted into Yale, a school I always knew to have higher standards for creative excellence. To commend her work for “challenging the status quo” is a joke.

  15. Repulsed Repulsed

    They have a term for her in psychology: Sociopath.

  16. Wow. So many critics.
    Now I know where to come when I want anonymous, well thought out validation of my own work.

    Why is everyone so hostile? Are these comments to a different post? Because, reading them and then looking at the photograph followed by the blog post, I’m convinced I’m not seeing the same thing everyone else is.

  17. First, To think this is Yale’s product is ridiculous… this is the product of a seemingly ill human. Children and adults do outlandish even horrible things to get attention. This woman gave it a name “art.”

    Quite frankly we all are playing into it right now and justifying it in her mind.

    But it is so revolting… disgust just has to be expressed.

  18. Disgusted Disgusted

    here’s an article about it, so you know EXACTLY what she did:
    It’s the dream of many American parents to see their sons or daughters studying at an ivy league institution like Yale University, but thanks to a recent art project by Yale undergraduate Aliza Shvarts, moms and dads may be rethinking the benefits of such an education. For her fourth-year project, Ms. Shvarts artificially inseminated herself multiple times (“as often as possible”), then regularly took drugs to induce abortions over a period of nine months. She filmed herself having the miscarriages in a bathtub and kept the blood that resulted.

    The delightful result of this off-putting exercise will be a gallery display in which a cube covered in plastic sheeting is suspended from the ceiling and drenched with Ms. Shvarts’s blood (plus a little Vaseline to keep things moist). Meanwhile, video footage of Ms. Shvarts experiencing her miscarriages will be projected onto the sides of the cube. This is one project that won’t be appearing in Yale’s recruiting materials.

  19. Cory Cory

    1st it was Porn week at Yale now this.. WTF are they promoting there at Yale!
    as a graduate from an opposing Ivy league school i must say this is very appalling. and Such negative publicity aNd freedom to the curriculum should cast shadows on the faculty! SOMEONE had to approve this before she proceeded!

  20. Bexx Bexx

    people.. she’s done exactly what she set out to do. GET PEOPLE TALKING. Is it art? Is it not art? Is is an offense to the core of human nature?

    people will continue to on agreeing to disagree.

  21. J. Shelton J. Shelton

    Oh for fucks sake. Anyone want to comment on the difficulty of artificially inseminating oneself? Every fertility doctor in the country just uttered “bullshit” under their collective breaths. It’s either art as publicity or deliberately fucking with the intellectually challenged to further prod them towards the fear induced hell that libruls are ruinin’ our great nation that they’ve been marching towards over the past fifty years…or more.

  22. Hey, Bexx, you’re right. And what the Unabomber did was art. And Michael Vick and the Boston Strangler and the Japanese Prison Camp Guards in World War II and …

    I see it all so clearly now. It was art. It was just art all along. Thanks.

  23. Disgusted. Disgusted.

    This makes me sick. Like I feel I might actually vomit. I can’t believe there are people this evil and insane running around with the rest of us. Literally, sick.

  24. wild wild

    This psycho should have her uterus removed.

  25. Mis Q Mis Q

    If it was all about ‘inspiration’, then why not make a painting of aborted fetuses or do something creative with photomanipulation?

    Oh, wait… You actually need real talent for that, don’t you?

  26. Supportive Supportive

    Have you people ever heard of Andres Serrano or Gottfried Helwein or Chris Ofili? Look them up. This girl is not the first artist to push the boundaries of what is acceptable or what the general public considers “art”. Thats the nature of art and at this day and age, everything has been done. Shock art is not a new concept. Yeah, it might be gross or unethical, but she has everyone talking. People are so angry because she is addressing abortion in a casual and callous manner, but thats her right as an woman and an American.

  27. Mis Q Mis Q

    Supportive: Hitler got people talking. I guess Piccasso or other TALENTED people got nothing on him, huh?

  28. Ren Ren

    No getting around it. There are simply always going to be people who subscribe to the philosophy that “it’s only art if I like it.”

    And, sorry, but the fact that people like that exist, I say that people need to keep slapping them in the face. Philosophically, artistically, or, if the first two don’t work, a cricket bat.

  29. Colette Colette

    I thought it was very clever on her part. It got all of you talking about, didn’t it?

  30. ian ian

    this is evil, make no mistake. she opens the door to hell and the forces of hate, rage and anger. many of the artists do the same it is a question of degree

  31. patrick patrick


    postmodern ‘art’ stinks from a technical perspective, but the fundamental idea is to trigger a reaction … have to admit she got a lot of you.

    still don’t find it very impressive, though. C+ at best.

  32. Gallus Gallus

    This is fucking amazing is what it is. Here we bemoan the lack of authenticity, the lack of artistic courage in this age, and someone goes and does something like this. Co-opting your biology in the service of an artistic vision: it doesn’t get any more authentic than that. Risking your life for an art project: it doesn’t get any more all-in than that. If we want to live in a daring future world where extraordinary people do astonishing things, of diy solo flights to Mars and tight-rope walkers and real musicians again – that hazy wet dream of aggregate cultural output and epic individual achievement, then Shvarts is the kind of person who belongs in that world.

  33. It is Not Art It is Not Art

    On the one hand I feel sorry for Yale, as she’s a huge embarrassment to them. But on the other…they’re the ones who let her in!

    Sorry – this woman’s prank does not qualify as art, even with the broadest definition.

    I feel REALLY sorry for her parents and any siblings with the same last name. How will they face her again? They must be so humiliated.

  34. Anyone keeping count: 2 Nazi references, 1 Unibomber and several “sick”s.

  35. Kira Kira

    FYI – This is act. something of hoax; the artist issued a statement of the project as a piece of ‘performance art’ designed to stimulate discussion. She did not actually impregnate and abort herself. Check out some news sites, any reputable ones should have issued an edit regarding this by now, if they carried the story in the first place.

  36. Amanda Amanda

    This is THE most disturbing and revolting thing that i have ever heard in my life. Maybe I should just walk around my campus killing anyone in sight, pretty much what this girl did except to her OWN BABIES. disgusting and she should be locked in a mental institution for the rest of her life. People like this are what makes me fear for the future of this country. I am pro-life and respect the opinion of those who are pro-choice, however people like this are an embarrassment to those who support a womans right to choose and abusing the freedom that this country gives us.

  37. Kewagi Kewagi

    There’s nothing more hilarious than seeing a bunch of children bickering about a non-issue they perceive as dramatically important because of their lack of experience. And by children, I mean “the majority of US citizens.” Come on, this is less offensive and more thoughtful than most 1960s shock art was. And get over the idea that a fetus is a human being, already. Sheesh.

  38. Robert Robert

    It’s all made up, folks. You’ve been had. And the picture on this page is not of any fetal remains, seems some posters thought it was?

  39. Hitler was an artist before he led the Holocaust.

    Yale teaches nazi eugenics techniques.

    Skull & Bones former members Prescott Bush & demon spawn George Sr & Jr.

    Shame on Yale! Shame on Aliza Shvarts!!!

    Killing for art is a crime against humanity.

    People must think about the consequences of the actions and words.

    This hoax by extremely offensive, people do not even seem to think about the con

  40. LJ LJ

    I wish her mother would have aborted her.

  41. Pope Benedict is in town. Maybe an Exorcism is in order? What a disturbing story!

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