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Alex Toth Is Dead

Alex Toth, one of American comics’ greatest illustrators, died today. I believe he would have been around 78 years old. He was probably best known outside comics for his design and storyboard work in cartoons during the 60s and 70s — Space Ghost and Super Friends among them. It’s his work that’s being remixed in the likes of SEALAB 2021.

Official Alex Toth site.

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  1. And another great illustrator heads to the great drawing table in the sky. Thank you Mr. Toth for all the great work.

  2. Sail Sail

    I can’t believe the lack of responce I’ve seen in the comic community following this news. Toth was a giant, everyone was influenced by Toth even if they didn’t know it. Which I guess is the problem to begin with. Fucking shame!

  3. calvin t. calvin t.

    i’m truly sadden by the death of alex toth,because he was always teaching about art and design and the ability of comics to communicate at a high level,but it is really sad that most of the comic industry is not speaking up in public about the inpact of his death,i’m a fine artist who came from a heavy influence of comics,when i grew past the comics,i started to study the artist that created them,of all the comic creators that i constantly come back to is ALEX TOTH,i was so sadden that i was crying for a man that i never met but he was one of the many people that inpacted my life with his talent,wisdom,stubbornness for proper economy of design,he will always be remember,all the old guys are leaving us,alex toth,gil kane,will eisner,so on and on,now who is leading the charge of quality high end creation? who ,who, nuff said

  4. Bob Avery Bob Avery

    Ican not belive that they say Alex was married only once. He was married to my mother for 15 years. I’m upset that nothing was said about that!!

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