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Ah, America

You can always rely on the early news out of the US to make you smile. John Kerry, always good for comedy, has released an apology for comments made during a recent speech where he stated that, bluntly, uneducated Americans will be sent to Iraq. This prompted another Democrat to say something along the lines of “John Kerry wasn’t content to lose 2004 for us, now he wants to lose us 2006 as well.” Kerry, among the more worthless stump politicians of his generation, should’ve been locked in a box after 2004. But then, so should the clumsy, glitter-eyed Howard Dean, and they gave him a job instead.

Meanwhile, in Vermont, the prohibitive frontrunner for the Senatorial seat is a 65-year-old unreconstructed socialist who sings paeans to Scandinavian-style government. The Republican candidate has spent seven million dollars and reportedly still doesn’t have a prayer.
In Miami, they’ve found a voting machine that registers a Republican vote no matter whom you cast your ballot for. Apparently similar problems have arisen in Texas. I believe this is exactly what Greg Palast was alleging in ARMED MADHOUSE.

Finally, an Ethiopian man living in America has been sentenced to ten years in prison for “cutting the rose”: scissoring off the clitoris of his two-year-old daughter in accordance with the vile tradition of genital mutilation he brought with him. I doubt I’m alone in believing that ten years is a light sentence.

Also: my mailing list, Bad Signal, is down right now. The software got crushed to death by 10,000 spam messages and a design failure that doesn’t allow for mass purges. Everyone forgot about the spam traps for a couple of months, and boom.

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  1. My response to that wretch of a man mutilating his little girl was that something involving a cheese grater and his bits were in order.

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I would’ve just killed him, to be honest. And hung his body somewhere prominent.

    I have slightly medieval tendencies, I think.

  3. Medieval is good – particularly in the torture department.

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