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Abandoned Places

I’ve been following the Livejournal community Abandoned Places for a few years now. Recently, the group seems to have caught a new lease of life. It’s basically dystopic Architecture Fiction porn: the active members of the group simply go out and photograph interesting abandoned locations. Something fascinating turns up every single day. I’ve been remiss in not recommending it to you before, and I shouldn’t keep it to myself any longer.


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  1. That picture…I don’t know if it’s more disturbing or sad, but either way, part of my soul died.

  2. Might also want to check out Urban Exploration Resource. Another online community. I’m a member of that and another word of mouth group, was unaware of the livejournal community. Looks like good stuff, though.

  3. Mr. Ellis,

    As one of the moderators of “Abandoned Places” I’d like to thank you for being a member of our community and for the further spotlight.


  4. wknapik wknapik

    That’s very interesting. I have an abandoned housing development in the woods behind my house. There’s probably about 20 houses and a pool. Maybe I’ll send in some pictures to this site.

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