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Aaaaaand Out

Too much to do, so I’m bailing out of for the night. Tomorrow, we go live with SHIVERING SANDS.

I am being played off tonight by NEU! and the phenomenal "Fur Immer." Been dragging out, dusting off and re-playing all my Krautrock since watching a pretty good documentary on those days by the BBC. I shouldn’t call it Krautrock, mind you, they didn’t like that term…


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  1. Nygaard Nygaard

    “Cabbage rock”? I could come to enjoy that.

  2. I’m very much digging the whole “Krautrock” vibe the BBC are pushing on us at the moment. My year’s been very much that way inclined – a chance encounter with Damo Suzuki led me to investigate Can in the summer (it’s very good what he does nowadays – basically you can hire him to warble over whatever improvised noise you choose and he makes it sound amazing). Anyhow, that doucumentary you mentioned was ace, as was the Kraftwerk live show……. Neu! are on my “to do” list.

  3. An amazing Krautrock inspired record that very few people know about is by a group from Providence, Rhode Island (well, I think so, anyhow) called Bright. The album is called Full Negative (or) Breaks and was released some years ago by Ba Da Bing Records who’d later have significant success with Beirut (who are not at all Krautrock-y). Pretty stellar stuff. Not quite as poppy as Quickspace, but mining similar territory.

    I guess people can always use a primer in Krautrock though as most of those records are unheard. Anytime anyone mentions this, people tend to point to Julian Cope’s book of Krautrock. I haven’t read it, but I understand it’s far better than his book of hairstyles.

  4. Nick Patavalis Nick Patavalis

    If you ‘re into this kind of stuff (and it seems you are) you will find a chaotically breathtaking rendition of NEU!’s “Super” by the Legendary Pink Dots in this homage release:

    I couldn’t find it online, but if you can get your hands on it, don’t let it pass by.


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