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I just upgraded the hosting plan for my SPEKTRMODULE podcast, which will allow me to bring the frequency closer to weekly. 

(The new hosting plan also gives me the option of designing standalone Android and iOS apps for the podcast, but I really don’t have that kind of time, and I really don’t want to charge people yet for that kind of access, which the system seems to want me to do.)

The great joy of SPEKTRMODULE, for me, is locating new music, and rooting through my digital collection, to find things I like that go well together.  It’s me little hobby.

But, since I want to increase the frequency, I’m going to do this: if you make music that fits the general tone of SPEKTRMODULE, could you maybe send me a link at ?  I do love to discover new stuff.

The SPEKTRMODULE podcasts all live here.  The most recent one has been listened to by some 25,000 people, which I frankly find baffling.

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