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A Return To Podcasting

I’ve decided to start podcasting mixtapes of music released freely on to the net by new, unsigned and indie bands — again. (I seem to do this once every year or two — piloted a third run earlier in the year but the hosting shat itself).
Whenever I did this before, the audience seemed to be between 1500 and 5000 people.
So if you?re making music yourself, and you?d like me to listen to your stuff towards including it in a podcast, email an mp3, ideally 128kbps or above, to, along with a link to your website. Obviously, I won?t be able to include everything I receive in whatever podcast I finally make, but everything will get listened to. (Please DON’T send me other people’s music just because you really like it.)
( isn’t my main personal address, so don’t otherwise contact me on it looking for an instant response.)
Thanks for your time.

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  1. Música i músics lliures…

    Jamendo és una nova manera de compartir música i donar-te a conèixer, és una nova manera de recompensar els artistes i també és una nova manera de publicar la teva música si ets músic i de estar en contacte amb els teus oients. Podeu llegir el …

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