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A Quick Daybook Note

I am peering at hotel rooms, in prep for an upcoming lightning visit to Berlin.  The hotel appears to be one of those designer affairs, with a very designery website.  I’m pretty sure Barbarella fucked robots in at least one of the rooms I’m looking at.

Been thinking about comics as PDFs, today.  Because, seriously, comics are always going to be pirated, and it’s probably much more effective just to accept that and move on.  One of the things that must’ve hobbled the Longbox comics viewer has to have been their insistence on providing strong DRM for publishers.

(Yes, CBZ files have better resolution, but they’re a bit fatter and aren’t native in the way that PDF readers usually are.  And it’s going to be a lot easier to sell PDF files through and The Illustrated Section than it is to handroll a way to sell CBZs, even one as planned-out as the Not 99c Method.)

And now I have to finish an episode of FREAKANGELS and another thing.

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