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A Proper Comic

Kieron Gillen just got published in MARVEL HEROES, a British-created Marvel anthology kid’s comic for the British market. And it’s published in the British tradition for such things, as Gillen explains:

…it’s a proper comic. That being, a comic with a free gift on the front. A gun which fires a foam rocket! People often wonder how they could improve Watchmen. My answer would be to attach a foam-rocket launcher to the front. Hell, it’s a way to improve anything. I dug Anna Karenina, but I’d have dug it more with a model train tied to the front.

There is a photo at the link, but I warn you: I think Gillen’s growing his frightening hobolicious hedge of a beard back.

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  1. Al Ewing, a bloody talented guy I went to university with, does a lot of stuff for Marvel Heroes. It’s a great book, from what I’ve seen. Very funny, kid friendly, but with extra stuff for older readers.

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