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A Day In My Head

Yesterday I managed to send out an episode of FREAKANGELS and a short foreword to a science book. Today I just want to lay down, hold my head and moan weakly until some kind soul gives me a lethal injection. But no. I actually have to come up with a couple of new comics projects, which means I have to scoop out all the muck that’s been festering in my head for the last few months and sieve it in the hope of finding some cohered lumps of story in there.

Am also looking forward to getting Charles Burns’ X’ED OUT in the post tomorrow. Fascinated at the idea of Burns riffing off, of all things, Tintin (with, I suspect, a bit of Yves Chaland mixed in there with the Herge and the Burroughs and the Manson).

I continue to be nothing but relieved at RED’s performance in the States. It’s at a cumulative USD $43.5M or thereabouts.

It appears that Zo is selling prints again, for a limited period:


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