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A Bunch Of Stuff From Bruce

Bruce Sterling dropped some interesting stuff on his blog today:

* Vernor Vinge: “What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen?”

This is interesting to me because I have a serious problem with the overweening religious urge found in serious Singularitarians.

* “‘So at Lift07 there was nobody who said the word ¡°blog¡± or ¡°web 2.0¡å which to me is a very visible sign that ¡°blog¡± and ¡°web 2.0¡å is getting pass¨¦…”

Less about actual tangible shift, more about changes in the weather of branding and hypethink.

* “Hey Young Architects. Are you being trained for the seething Greenhouse world you will inherit?”

Of constant concern to me because my part of the world will probably be underwater around the time I collect my pension.

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  1. Hey Warren, I don’t know if you’re interested in comments, but I attended the University of Oregon, which had a conference every year put on by the architecture program called H.O.P.E.S. (Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability) that was aimed towards environmental and ecological design in landscaping and architecture. So at least some ideas about designing for our doomsday future has been in the works for a while now.

    Also, on a personal note, I always felt The Singularity was too clean a concept to possibly coincide with reality. I’m more convinced we’ll either obliterate ourselves accidentally or come into a kind of banal malaise that will last for centuries; future historians may call that “the boring ages.”

  2. dan mcenroe dan mcenroe

    >>a kind of banal malaise that will last for centuries; future historians may call that “the boring ages.”

    after all the excitement of the 20th and early 21st centuries, i’d welcome the boring ages.

  3. My only hope/inkling about all that 2012 stuff is that then would be the time that FTL and/or time travel would become a reality.

  4. mick mick

    Thanks for the pointers to Sterling’s site.

    Now… I’m gonna whine again. Your site is nearly unreadable in Safari. I could switch to Firefox, but that’s not possible at work. This time I’m including a screenshot of how the site layout appears. I’m a sad girl when my eyes cross as I try to make out the text in your posts, sir.

    You, wise Warren, are way too handsome (butter butter butter) to have an ugly website. :)

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    That is so weird. Only one other person has been able to reproduce this error so far. I’ll talk to someone.

  6. Mat Jensterle Mat Jensterle

    Interesting, as it could be all to easy to sit back and relax in the belief that we’ll pass through the Singularity with all the ultra-tech to resolve our pressing concerns. I’d like to think some kind of improbable technological development will occur, as it seems increasingly likely that we’ll end up learning terraforming from reconstructing our own biosphere than buggering off and trying to make Earth II on Mars or Venus.

  7. dave dave

    Ask any real scientist about singularity and they will laugh at you. Kurweizil builds things, and its easy to mistake those sort of experiences with how squishy matter works. Its very diferent. We are talking thousands, if not millions of years until this could ever happen.

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