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  1. tobot tobot

    BING! , read the comments on this article from a few weeks ago and bow down under my quivering veinous bloated pus sack of a mind! I was so close ;-)

  2. Damn skippy. I remember hearing similar musings a couple years back in an article about diamonds actually being an integral factor in the creation of life, that there were diamond icebergs basically floating in the earth’s primordial soup. The molecular bond structure of the diamonds, which is crazy interesting in its own right and we’ll likely be using artificially grown diamonds as the data surfaces for quantum computers, likely imparted a “pristine pattern” into the muck that transmographied into life when it splashed up against the surface.

    And this then also lends support to my theory that coffee transmutes cerbro-spinal fluid into a tesseract conductor.

  3. tobot tobot

    so a little bit like the way homeopathy is supposed to work william? or am i getting it wrong?

  4. Jer Jer

    What does it mean a quantum effect? The subatomic particles in my skin cells are representedby quantum mechanics so can we use that as evidence for quantum effects ( I’ll have to wait for the actual definition of quantum effects). The fact that the hydrogen bond between two nucleotide bases might be represented by a single wave function is really cool though!

  5. Notes and invitation :
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    Fundamental biological processes that involve the conversion of energy into forms that are usable for chemical transformations are quantum mechanical in its nature. One of the most important bio-quantum products involve chlorophyll’s photosynthesis and complex bio-chemical reactions that are essential for life processes. See:
    Because all the living process are regulated by genetic information it become nevcessary a radical reinterpretation of biology in terms of “quantum genetics” as iniciates the experimental work of Garajev et al , see: that demonstrated that electromagentic signals are of key importance to understanding of the workings of DNA in the regulatory functioning of life.

    A critical assessment and the dissemination of the recent developments of quantum biology through an entanglement of mind in art and science will be the fundamental objective of the 3* Quantum Bionet W.S.
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