Is it me, or is the Newsarama blog just complete wreckage these days? On a quick skim, it looks like only a couple of the crew on that thing are even conscious.

Something called Geekosystem asked me if I was on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Not sure if they’re going to use my answer. Their site looks pretty clean, and my answer… wasn’t. I mean, who asks a 42-year-old man that? Team Sparklenonce or Team Dogfucksbaby. What’s wrong with you?

8 thoughts on “Drive-By”

  1. I read the first three chapters of Twilight and it was the first time in my life where i truly wanted to burn a book. But, i knew if i had done so i would have been swarmed by teenage virgins and middle aged soccer moms filled with Dawn of the Dead re-make zombie-like rage.

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