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Cryptic Flickr message from Jones The Steam reads "Matt Jones wants you to watch a video – incredible piece. ghost engine in a big brick box."

And bugger me if he isn’t right as usual.

It’s a piece by UVA and the sublime Mira Calix:

The sculptural work consists of a group of massive pendulums suspended from the roof. A light and a speaker are mounted on each of the motor assisted pendulums, together forming a single instrument. Each light pendulum emits its own unique musical score, an individual voice in the darkness that together forms a perfect ensemble of light and sound.

While the work explores the relationship between performance, sculpture and installation, musical composition sits at its heart. Composed by Mira Calix, the composition is structured in three distinct phases which will resonate through the dark space, punctuated only by the choreographed pendulums of light.

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  1. I would love to experience that in person. It looks and sounds marvelous.

  2. Very cool. To experience this in person would be awesome. The pendulum motion should create, not only displacement like surround effects, but slight variations in pitch and phasing for those standing beneath them.

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