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Links for 2010-06-10

  • Broken20
    New netlabel and a new podcast, too. Yum. "Broken20 is a new label from ruaridh/The Village Orchestra, with assistance from production unit and erstlaub. Broken20 will release all sorts of music. Rather than be genre-tied, we will be releasing music rooted in a particular aesthetic ? releases concerned with decay, erosion, entropy, mistakes and errors, line noise and tape hiss, hum and buzz."
    (tags:netlabel podcasts )
  • NASA aircraft to track Japanese spacecraft re-entry
    A NASA flying observatory has left California on a mission to track a Japanese asteroid-sampling spacecraft as it returns to Earth on a course for Australia.
    (tags:space )
  • Entropy study suggests Pictish symbols likely were part of a written language
    A new study has shown that concepts in entropy can be used to measure the degree of repetitiveness in Pictish symbols from the Dark Ages, with the results suggesting that the inscriptions appear be much closer to a modern written language than to random symbols.
    (tags:history language )
  • Internet memorial site launched in Hong Kong
    Even Hong Kong's dead cannot escape the Internet after the government Thursday opened the electronic gates on a brand new virtual graveyard.
    (tags:net death culture )
  • Formation of Saturn’s ring moons explained
    New computer simulations based on data collected by the Cassini spacecraft mission suggest five of Saturn's moons may have been formed only 10 million years ago, and researchers in France and England think new moons could still be formed because the processes that created the ring moons are still active.
    (tags:space )

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