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Found out a few hours ago that I’m going to be in London for two business meetings tomorrow. Shooting in and out, but it still means that the bulk of tomorrow’s doing will be done on the mobile devices (I operate a Blackberry Curve for email and an iPhone 3GS for everything else. Because there’s nothing more annoying than the phone ringing when you’re trying to write an email on the same device.)

Which reminds me. In comments, someone asked me to list the apps I use for mobile work, particularly posting to, "without it sounding like a shill." To which I would observe, you asked me, you knobend.

First off: I strongly advise you get a Posterous account, and plug in the details required to make it post to your blog (very easy). This will leave you with an email address that will post everything you send to it. If you find something you like better than Posterous, great.

* WordPress: the app is better for moderating comments and editing previous posts on the go than it is for actual posting, the process for which is frankly absurd.

* Audioboo: for posting audio to the site. Dead easy.

* Reeder: for reading your RSS aggregator on the go. Hooks into your account. If you have the WordPress plug-in, you can get your blog to post your links on an automagic basis. I tested a bunch of RSS apps, and so far Reeder has been far and away the best of them.

* Flickr app: lets you email photos from your contacts’ photostream. So, if you’ve got an email-to-blog system like Posterous, you can email photos off the Flickr app and straight to your blog.

(Oh, and if you’re on Tumblr and using an iPhone? The Tumblr app is very good. Also free.)

It’s a pretty simple set of tools. But moblogging, as we used to call it, isn’t supposed to be hard. It should always have been easy. Frankly, if I didn’t have a million posts here, I’d think a lot about moving my act to a Tumblr, just because the Tumblr people get it — this shit is supposed to be easy. There’s that bit on the first page of Charlie’s ACCELERANDO:

He glances up and grabs a pigeon, crops the shot, and squirts it at his weblog to show he’s arrived.

It’s supposed to be that easy. And as much as I hate being inculcated into the The Cult Of Steve, it was just never that easy with a Nokia.

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  1. >>>Frankly, if I didn’t have a million posts here, I’d think a lot about moving my act to a Tumblr, just because the Tumblr people get it

    Dammit. You make want to try it. But I suppose the full effect would have to be with the iPhone too. Always a catch.

  2. Hey Warren;
    Thanks for the tips regarding your mobile setup. I’ve been using Reeder for a bit too, and it’s *really* good – but didn’t even think about the Delicious bit of it. That’s a really great tip. The iPhone really does make a great mobile appliance for hit and run stuff. The keyword there is /appliance/ — it’s not meant for massive content generation, but it does a really good job at the quick stuff.

    Another blogging app you may want to try out is iBlogger. I’ve been using it with my WordPress blog and I like it better than the WordPress app.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your methods!

  3. docgerbil1000 docgerbil1000

    Oh! The lucky blighter! I wish *I’d* asked that question. “The famous and most celebrated writer Warren Ellis publicly called me a knobend on his website” – why, I’d be the talk of the town!

    Seriously, your post raises an interesting question: why is it that almost every RSS-related application I have ever seen looks and feels like it was written 20 years ago? Don’t developers know when they’re turning out rubbish?

  4. Do you ever wanna just toss everything, maybe burn all the tech in a pseudo-CTHONIC delirium, and proceed with just carving out your more primate urges onto nearby cave (or public restroom) walls?

    I would. Jesus.

  5. WordPress has built in post from email fuctionality. Needs plugins to do attachments though, then the plugins break on update, yadda yadda

  6. “The famous and most celebrated writer Warren Ellis publicly called me a knobend on his website.” I am complete. Thanks for the list.

    Apologies to docgerbil.

  7. Hi,
    Have you try pixelpipe ?

  8. Digitalyn Digitalyn

    I was totally about to ask you the same question as I’m currently struggling a bit with the posterous app – brainlags – until this post. Yay new toys, thank you!

  9. Louie Huwie Louie Huwie

    Jesus fuck! I have a tumblr account and Apple gayPhone, and now I have a blog! Always wanted one, and this is a piece of piss.

    Thank you Internet Jesus!

  10. Yes, Tumblr is the only blogging platform that doesn’t make me want to bang my head against a wall. In fact, it’s a pleasure to use and serves multiple functions in addition to being really well-designed.

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