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This Is My Letter To The World

Cat Valente, who wrote the novel PALIMPSEST that I raved about here, has moved into POD with THIS IS MY LETTER TO THE WORLD:

The Omikuji Project is a crowdfunded experiment in short fiction by award-winning novelist Catherynne M. Valente. Each month, she sends out an original story and personal letter to a list of subscribers all over the world. For the first time, these stories have been collected into a single volume, representing the first two years of the project. The stories range from lonely moon colonies to steampunk Cinderellas, from noir detectives to angry young minotaurs. Science fiction to fantasy to surrealism and back again. This is an excellent introduction to Valente’s fiction and a window into a world of magic and connection, both inside the book and outside.


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  1. Omega Male Omega Male

    Charles Stross wrote PALIMPSEST. No?

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Charlie wrote a book called PALIMPSEST, yes. So did Cat. I wrote a quote for it.

  3. Omega Male Omega Male

    Good info. Thanks.

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