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drunk people win

drunk people win

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london is too bloody hot and I am full of shiraz. Excuse typing – using treo’s thumbpad. Drunkblogging should be a thing. Xeni should see to it. Drunkblogging is the new liveblogging. I should get points. I am a technological pioneer. Send dancing girls to Liverpool St station.

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  1. john john

    drunk anything makes the day shine.
    especially writing and kwoon.

  2. I agree. I did some Drunkblogging a few nights ago and I got some decent research done. Thank you forty of ‘Olde English…whatever..’ which was probably neither old nor english.
    This website is great
    I need to try Cisco.

  3. Swanson,A Swanson,A

    Does another way to blog exist? If only I could drunk blog from bars, and not just computer labratories.

  4. The best way to read Drunkblogging is naked.

  5. Send dancing girls to Liverpool St station.

    I would but I’m using them.

  6. corbenfrost corbenfrost

    I agree Drunkblogging is great. Rule of thumb on the booze though, the cheaper the name the closer it is to battery acid i.e. instead of the usual Wild Turkey…”Retarded Pigeon”

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