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Whooshing Sound

The next 48-72 hours are deadline-intensive horrors. Wrapping up three major projects. I fully expect to be walking toasted vegetation by Friday.

Due to lots of people whining at me, I’ve set up an Official Warren Ellis Compound on that Facebook thing I hate. I’ve sterilised my personal page there, so this will be the page to find me on the Facebook thing I hate. It’s bare-bones right now, due to being in deadline lockdown, but soonishly Ariana and I will start piping stuff in there to make it mostly self-supporting.

(It also means that I don’t really have to use the Facebook, which I hate.)

Many things floating in head. I want to do more with print-on-demand. I also have a bunch of notebook pages on comics design that I’m ruminating on in my hahaha spare time. And I think I might have finally broken ground on a new novel to replace the lost-in-absurd-computer-death LISTENER.


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  1. Was Listener the brit-travels-to-Mucked-Up- U.S.A. story you were serializing a few years back?

  2. I despise facebook. What the hell is with all of those farms and hearts and crap? Come on people~ at least trade organs. a kidney or a liver or something.

    But I love Warren Ellis twitters with threats of belt work by big daddy. Heh. Cunning linguist indeed~

    Good luck with impending deadlines. The world could do with another novel by you, so make that a priority. Yeah, I am ordering you. Dont mess with me-i have belts *and* whips.

  3. tammy tammy

    that facebook thing is evil. the kind of evil that is filthy and dirty in a very bad way, evil.

    setting it up as you have is the good way to do it for those of you a step just above the unwashed masses.

  4. >>>lost-in-absurd-computer-death LISTENER

    Goddam! THAT was the second novel I recalled you were working on and asked you about more than once. That fucking machine!!

    I’ve had that happen to me more than once. Work sent to Electron Hell. ARGH!

  5. Yes! Facebook needs a thinly disguised/despised Warren Ellis app.
    “Warren’s Happy Farm of Love and Hearts” – click on that adorable sheep and receive random “Conan! What’s best in life?” goodness.

  6. >>>and receive random “Conan! What’s best in life?” goodness.

    Warrenroulette? Ellisroulette?

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