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Station Ident: See My Headguts Pulse

Templesmith took this photo at Atomic Comics in Phoenix AZ.

Good morning. This is warrenellisdotcom. That’s me on the door, minus my protective brain shielding. Obviously the primitive yet enlightened staff of Atomic Comics worship at this makeshift shrine.


It’s the toilet door, isn’t it?

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  1. yes, it is the bathroom door. everyone kisses your exposed brain before making our daily sacrifices to our one tru God. It’s what gives us Atomic employees our super selling powers and keeps us going in times of hardship.
    Ellis be praised!

  2. Ben Ben

    “i’ll be in warren if anyone needs me”

  3. Julian Julian

    this was the one display item that survuved the car accident/ flood in 2006.

  4. Gerrad Gerrad

    I like to imagine that Im pissing into your brain. filling you mind with golden foamy knowledge. When I shit Im just shitting though.

  5. Ashley Ashley

    We need one of those at chandler. I’ll bring black candles and a blood covered pentacle. We’ll make human sacrifices to your greatness.

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