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Dr Thirsty

Well, it’s Monday night, and no-one’s around. You won’t tell anyone if I put an mp3 up, will you? Course you won’t. You’re so good.

A couple of years ago, I bought a compilation CD from Disposable Music called Disposable Music Vol. 2. Its sleeve is the kind of small pink-striped paper bag that sweet shops used to use when I was a kid. The tracklisting is a photocopied piece of thin card. It lists the songs by order of appearance and, seperately, the artists in alphabetical order. I seem to remember having to go to the website to sort it all out – It doesn’t exist any more.

My favourite piece on it was, easily, “Dr Thirsty” — spoken-word by Revporl and music by Stuart Crozier. I can’t find it anywhere else on the net, Disposable have vanished, so screw it.

I doubt the link will last more than a couple of days, but here it is, in a high-quality 192k bit 6MB mp3.

If you like it, use the links above to investigate its creators.

“And the stars on his dressing room door/take flight…”

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  1. Kit Kit

    I remember when you posted this originally, and I was blown away. I still regularly listen to the low quality mp3 that you had up for a while, so thank you for the higher quality version and the info on the creators.

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