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Ordinary Sunday

Ordinary Sunday

Sometimes I think I should have all of my public statements released by a
coven of official spokespersons.

Also, bodyguards. And some kind of international management cell or
virtual commune.

Perhaps a church? A Crusade.

Internet Freakbeat Vestry sounds so much better than ‘message board’.

And this can be my monastery.

I’m kind of hoping I pass out soon, yes.
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  1. ey, that’s a good idea!!! I’m your new spanish prophet!!
    From now, i’ll tell the people the good new, Warren Ellis is here!!
    (I only can talk to them about your Planetary’s statements… i’m so sorry about that… what of your jobs do you recommend to make an initiation travel around your complete works???

  2. Frank D. Frank D.

    Step aside, son. Ahem.
    “His holiness, Warren the Ellis Innocent III…HAS DECREED TODAY, ‘ORDINARY SUNDAY’!!
    I am his self-appointed…Conciliergi (sic), and those crusty stains on my vestments are uuh..rubber cement…YES RUBBER CEMENT! As I was building popsicle stick devotives of our Lord Savior ‘Spider JErusalem’…yes…that’s it(shifty eye).
    Now I must speak of the coming war with the unclean ones…
    And I really need those permission slips for the ‘Holy Slut Army’…Yes, we need them for the routine medical checkups…
    Don’t ask me why…What?…he’s passed out! I’m taking calls right now…You want what? Comics? What the fuck is that? ”

    tax free liquor and swimming…I love the border. Ordinary Sunday indeed.
    Salud, dude.

  3. Wait, don’t you already have all that?

    Shit. I’ve been confined in the wrong monastery. Again.

  4. “…Framed picture and acolytes.”

  5. ClubbingBabySeals ClubbingBabySeals

    : Hummmm….had a few fourties….finishing the night off with some Vo3 and orange juice….Hell yes, a crusade to end all the iggnorance thats spreading out of America!!!

  6. sam redlark sam redlark

    Ok, but I’m not drinking the Kool Aid.

    Also, choose the online location of your religion with care. Avoid internet addresses that may be considered sacred virtual ground by other world religions.

    The discovery that the ‘Ellis Island Rainbow Harmony Commune’ has been constructed on the former website of a mad scimitar worshipping cult would not be a cause for great joy.

  7. And on the shirt was born the script: “Warren Ellis Acolyte #1037. I’ve Given My Life to Drunken Englishmen. ASK ME HOW!”

    And upon the back was born that most feeble, and pleading of messages: “Please, Save Me From The Insanity”

  8. remial remial

    finally a church I won’t feel dirty for joining… where do I sign up?

    ok so I will feel dirty afterwords, but the good kind…
    the kind that makes me ask for seconds…

  9. Kenn Kenn

    Isn’t this how L. Ron Hubbard got started? It’s a little scary.

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