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Links for 2010-01-01

  • Population of the Dead
    "How many people have ever lived? While doing research about populations for my last piece, I began to wonder just how many people had ever walked the face of the earth. The articles I found [here and here] were intriguing so I decided to visualize them as well…"
    (tags:info death )
  • Kenyan witch-hunt targets elders
    Not an unusual story, currently, but it has a detail I haven't seen before. Kenya has a Sorcery Belt. Like the Bible Belt or the Rust Belt. A Sorcery Belt. "Dozens of villagers in the Kenyan district of Kisii are falling prey to superstitious groups accusing them of witchcraft… The poverty-stricken western district, known as Kenya?s sorcery belt, has seen an increase in mob attacks on individuals and even killings."
    (tags:crime magic culture )
  • French aristocrats break free from sect leader Thierry Tilly
    Best cult story I’ve heard in weeks: “At least eight members of the Védrines family, aged between 96 and 24, are now said to be ready to give evidence against Thierry Tilly, a self-proclaimed financial genius, master spy and agent of an age-old secret order… He is said to have convinced the Védrines family – part of the Protestant nobility of south-west France for 300 years – that they belonged to an ancient order called L’Equilibre du Monde (”the balance of the world”) which has the mission of defending humanity from “supreme evil”. From September 2001, 11 of the Védrines barricaded themselves into the family chateau 100 miles east of Bordeaux, some abandoning successful careers.”
    (tags:cult crime awe )
  • ben_templesmith: VARUS
    Templesmith's corporation. Worrying overtones of Roman Empire, control over disturbingly large parts of the world, demanding money with menaces etc etc
    (tags:peopleiknow )
  • Klewism Wearable Art: Artisan Jewelry by Lindsey Bucklew
    "Klewism wearable art is a line of artisan jewelry by Lindsey Bucklew.
    Lindsey uses wire, repurposed vintage costume jewelry, beads, buttons, pearls, shells, and heirloom objects to create intricately detailed, one-of-a-kind necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendents, earrings and brooches"
    (tags:art )

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