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Happy new year. May this one be kinder, funnier and more interesting than the last.

Photo by my good friend Brian Wood, who’s away with his family tonight. My family’s asleep, and I’m sitting here with whisky in the glass and Michael Cashmore’s SLEEP ENGLAND on the speakers, brushing the last traces of a brief snow flurry off my shaven head, and thinking about the future. Annual tradition, maybe, or perhaps just something coded into my bones. It’s the only way I know to break the new year in: to sit in the quieter part of the night and think.

This is Warren Ellis dot com, broadcasting into 2010.


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  1. A happy new year to you Sir. Just come back home after an hour’s walk through the falling snow in London, listening to Untrue and thinking about… everything. Know exactly what you mean.

  2. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    Hope you have some grenades to wake everyone up tomorrow. Happy New Year!

  3. Excellent choice in music, captain.

    Not yet 2010 here. See you in a couple hours, The Future.

  4. fod_xp fod_xp

    That photo sums up my feelings for 2009, and 2010.

    It’s bleak, but I say bring it! Glad you’re well again Warren, I wish you and yours a fun new year.

    As for me, I don’t what I’ll do, but hey, “the future is inherently a good thing.”

    If I quoted you incorrectly, I apologize.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  5. legion legion

    Well, happy new, you old bastard. We just passed one hour in here in Boise, Idaho, and nothing tragic has happened yet. Keep doing the marvelous things you do that make our lives feel more interesting.


  6. oR.hal oR.hal

    I raised a glass for you, Warren. I wish you the best for 2010. A big year, I’m sure about it.
    I kiss you.

  7. Crix Crix


  8. Drax Drax

    Happy New Year, Warren Ellis dot com, Happy New Year, Mister Ellis. We quietly and eagerly await astonishment.

  9. Siananna Siananna

    Happy New Year Mr Ellis. Hope things are just as productive in 2010. Will miss the Bad Signal, but will watch with interest on the rss feeds and website. S x

  10. Winter Winter

    “It’s the only way I know to break the new year in: to sit in the quieter part of the night and think”

    …you and me both, dear sir.
    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, cariad. <3

  11. raj raj

    hi Warren Ellis good photo.

  12. Morfar Morfar

    All the best and a productive new year!
    Wonderful choice of music (I adore Cashmore’s Nature and Organisation project as well, which perhaps would fit better to the apocalyptic end and rebirth of a year).

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