And Finally

2009, it turns out, was not quite done with me. Fell over with a repeat bout of Mongolian Terror Trout Flu a couple of days after Xmas, and am only now back on my feet today. This is what happens when your child constantly brings back disgusting diseases from other children and your immune system never has time to recover. I ought to laminate the little horror and hose her down with boiling water and bleach before she re-enters the house every day.

I read today that auld acquaintance Patrick Stewart is to be knighted this new year for services to drama. This pleases me immensely. Patrick told me many times that Spider Jerusalem is his role model. I trust he won’t be headbutting any members of the royal family or vigorously wiping his arse on the Queen’s skirts during the ceremony.

Messages have piled up while I’ve lain in my pit semi-conscious and re-watching the (original, only) THE PRISONER box set, so, annoyingly, I have a bit of work to do this morning. A question on a film option, a couple of interview requests. I am, technically, Not At Work for a while longer, but not everyone gets the message.

New Year coming. This’ll be the first one in 25+ years where I’ll be asleep shortly after midnight. Roll on 2010. Raise a glass for me, because I’ll be raising one to you, and to a better year for all of us.

See you on the other side.

16 thoughts on “And Finally”

  1. dear sir, after a long silence [considering your tides of writings] this one was so touching I almost saw you as warm human:]]] thank you so much for this one! and all the best!

  2. Every little extra bit I hear about Patrick Stewart makes me like him better.

    Here’s hoping that the holiday season fucks off and leaves us be very soon. Health and wealth to you and yours.

  3. Shhhh…. this Trout Flu is actually a gov’t plot. It is immunization against the Shark Flu. Only the superior will survive. Rejoice! You’re In!

    Seriously, though, feel better soon and have a great 2010!

  4. I can just imagine SIR Stewart playing Jerusalem in an HBO series or something.
    I just might leak a little.

    Have a good new year, Warren, and the rest of you folks as well.

  5. I watched the recent attempt at the prisoner- I kept watching in case there was an apology at the end for their miserable attempt at recreating something that never needed to be recreated. (I think Tim Burton has put something in the creative commons’ water supply!)

    That being said, get your hand on the Pinky and the Brain episodes that parody the prisoner- gut busting (and perhaps flu killing?!) laughter should ensue.

    Here’s to a 2010 where all horrible remakes get their “re-visioners” murdered (or at least lobotomized.)

  6. Keep fighting the brave fight, dreamer dude. Bad Signal will be missed ’round hereabouts, but I trust it only clears the way for the onward and upward schtick. Blessed be, and rock.

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