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Testing Zoundry Raven

Testing Zoundry Raven, a desktop blogging client. Using an image by Emma Vieceli to do so. You can find the print for sale here. Post2Blog never did drag and drop very well. I’d like a desktop client that was as smooth and easy as Tumblweed for Tumblr, to be honest, but there doesn’t seem to be one that clever and slick for WordPress.


If the bumf is to believed, then swiping this image of Emma doing a bookstore PA should just paste in here:

(Sorry, Em, I’m using you as an experimental animal, but I had to google the link for your print shop and this was right underneath in the search results.)

Tumblweed is a clever app because it matches the intent of Tumblr: fast, easy scrapbooking for the internet. WordPress clients tend to match the intent of WordPress, as a place to write long blogposts. No matter how the theme of your WordPress site actually changes that supposed intent. This site has gone through its tumblelog phases, but it’s hard to tumblelog in a big complex client, and bookmarklet apps don’t seem to work so well any more.

Anyway. Let’s see if this actually works.

EDIT: the Flickr image broke within moments, and on a subsequent post with four images in, it only posted one of them. Windows Live Writer, which has also been suggested to me, is currently refusing to post any entry containing an image, using any of three different methods.

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  1. Schultz Schultz

    Have you tried windows live writer? I don’t do any blogging but have read nothing but good things about it. Make sure they don’t trick you into installing all the other crap and avoid selling your soul to bing.

  2. While perhaps not what you are looking for, have you seen the P2 wordpress theme? I suspect you’d do something interesting with it…

  3. Try BlogDesk if you haven’t. Full of the bloody dialog boxes I so hate, tho. But I’ve used it and liked it. Even though it prohibits including an image larger than my template (stupid software). Hated Live Writer.

    Really, we shouldn’t have to put up with shit file selector dialogs in the goddammed 21st century. This should all be drag and fucking drop.

  4. haha, sorry I was so late to pick this one up – it’s been a mad weekend (again), but I’m always happy to be your lab monkey, thanks hon! ^__^

    *kia ora tune* I’ll be your labmonkey….dum de dum de de dum dum dum.

  5. Howie Howie

    I’ve been using Scribefire, the extension for Firefox, forever and really like it. It has some limitations, but since it’s ‘in browser’ it responds fairly well to the quick n dirty posting style that is mine. You might wanna give it a look.

    BTW…thanks for all of the many, many hours of great reading. I really appreciate all of your hard work.

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