The Friday Telescreen 2009 [01]

November 20th, 2009 | brainjuice

Because it watches you while you look at it. For the next 20-odd hours or so, I present a selection of the readers of this website:


(Join in by sending a self-portrait to

8 Responses to “The Friday Telescreen 2009 [01]”

  1. There I am! Fourth row center, looking serious with an open copy of Gray’s Anatomy and some sketches I was working on today.

  2. […] appear in Warren Ellis’s rollcall type “Friday Telescreen 2009″, purely by following his website, and emailing him a self portrait of myself (to be found on the […]

  3. I do not trust these people.

  4. Oh hello there, dear self. You lot are very sexy.

  5. The bald girl in the right corner is SO FUKING HOT.

  6. Oooh! I made it on the first one! Bottom left! Story of my life.

  7. The FUKING HOT bald girl in the right corner is my friend Samita Chatterjee, a humongously talented artist from Calcutta, India.

  8. And this is her blog: