Conan! What Is Best In Life?

November 13th, 2009 | photography



(I feel I must point out that these are really not what are best in life, and that Molly Crabapple should be arrested and probably waterboarded for making me look at this.)

(And also this.)

(Cowgirls. Honestly.)

11 Responses to “Conan! What Is Best In Life?”

  1. Crap, my tits hurt just looking at that. Blargh!

  2. Is it weird that the first place my mind went was to improve upon these bad boys with some LED lighting? Because I can totally see these getting into MAKE or WIRED if they lit up.
    Also? Sexy!

  3. Uhgh. Is that even male or female, or are such categories useless in the face of such a monstrosity?

  4. Dear Mr. Ellis,

    Please tell us what was it that we did to deserve this punishment, so we won’t do it *ever* again and there’s no need to break our brains again with an inline image rather than a link (which we will click, because we’re dumbasses, but at least then we know whose fault it is). :(

  5. You’re a sick man for posting this Mr Ellis. Completely turned me off the porn I was going to look up.

  6. Please tell me those are glue-ons, please please please please please.

  7. I feel like the person I am now is irrevocably changed from the person I was before I saw that picture.

    God help us all.

  8. Also, I think those short-shorts are painted on. Looks like the only thing they’re wearing are horns/ears, shoes, and belts :D

  9. Another reminder that I can’t look at your site in the office cuz it’s NSFW.

  10. This is so cool. They’re like two little mutant-baby hands reaching out to grab something.

  11. Why I thought of you after coming across an article reporting that fruit bats perform fellatio baffles me more than the article itself.