Never A Truer Word

My friends Garth Ennis & Jimmy Palmiotti get interviewed by MAXIM about their involvement in the PUNISHER videogame:

Sometimes you are stunned by what you can get away with in comics and video games. Usually, if you do run into trouble, it’s from an angle you couldn’t have imagined in a million years. You see the carnage and the slaughter and the filth and the pornography make it through, then someone says, “I don’t like red boots on that guy.”

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  1. Interview with Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti
    Here’s an interview with the two guys who are pretty much responsible for my favourite comic series ever – The Punisher. I didn’t realise there was a videogame until now. Is it out on the GameCube? MAXIMONLINE: Pure Punishment via…

  2. It’s not coming out for the gamecube, but will be on the Xbox, PS/2, and PC. It’s excessive, true-to-character, and, sometimes, over the top hilarious…like when you shoot off a scum’s legs, and the guy next to him says, “Get up Tony, you pussy.”

    The leads on the project worked hard to get this license. We’re comic geeks at heart. We reviewed all the literature we could on the Punisher, but we also look at other characters that rely on “necessary” violence. The Authority, specifically, Jack Hawksmoor, came up quite often, so we had the influence from Mr. Ellis, also.

    It was a blast to develop. An exhausting, once of a lifetime blast.

    Jeff Carroll
    Project Manager
    The Punisher for Xbox, PS/2, and PC
    Volition, Inc.

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