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  1. Raven Raven

    Yay for Warren!

  2. It is nice to see you are considered more of a celebrity than the “incomparable” Rosie O’Donnell. It warms the deepest recesses of my heart. Now you just need to feed the heart of an unborn child to the devil and you can take your rightful place among the A’s!


    At first I thought this was incredibly cool, but then I checked out the list. The only person on the a-list that I’ve actually heard of is Neil Gaiman. So now I’m going to kill myself. When you don’t know who mainstream celebrities are, that’s kind of cool, but when you don’t even know about what passes for cool on the internet…

  4. Who really gives a flying screw what the bloggy beauty pageant officials’ rating is. Wait a minute, I’m getting a thought that the A-list is probably a good never-read guideline for me.

  5. While Neil Gaiman is very nice in his blog and posts helpful things for struggling little writers, yours has a much higher “Fuck you right in the eyeball at mach 3” entertainment value.

  6. Vicky Hall Vicky Hall

    Ten years on, Wesley from Star Trek is still considered “A-list.” Jesus.

  7. Stitched Stitched

    Yeah. Nothing like reading a “supposed” A-list laywer ranting about American Idol. It’s a shame I don’t have wi-fi in my bathroom. This is the kind of thing that induces colonic stigmata.

  8. Jeff Jeff

    I’m so glad your B-List. it made my night before I went to sleep and had those particular dreams about flame throwers and South End. I’ve stopped reading your hoorible blog because it no longer amuses me or has any intellectual significance any more.

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