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WIRED UK: Column 06

The new print edition of WIRED UK is out today, and, as ever, they’ve also put my column there up on the web for your free reading "pleasure."

…in Thunderbirds, Jeff Tracy is an eccentric billionaire, able to convert his private Caribbean island into a secret cosmodrome for exotic aircraft and a re-usable space vessel, with enough scratch left over to support a cutting-edge skunkworks lab, servants and an inexhaustible volume of vermouth. Are you a government minister despairing over the seemingly unsolvable need to get kids interested in science? Thunderbirds says that science is awesome because you get to fly in space and live on a high-tech island full of booze. Beat that for incentive.

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  1. Conan Conan

    As a future (possibly mad) ingeneer, I thank you for this great moment! And yes, I agree, what can be bad in a TV show where heroes drink and smoke like normal puppets/men! (Plus CGIs kill the video)

  2. Thunderbirds utterly entranced me as a tot. Had my mom sew me a hat and sash out of blue burlap. Got my hands on a few of the models . . . I remember building Thunderbird One on a table in a bar, which was the closest I got to quality time with my father.

    Last year I bought the “Best of” DVD collection. Amazingly, the episodes on it were the ones I best remember. I passed the set on to a college friend who has kids; they reportedly loved it.

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