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Normal Human Time

Facing down what’s supposed to be the first full day back at work. But I’m still on Normal Human Time from my holiday week, which means I’m waking before noon and sleeping before 2pm. Hence, I’m a bit dislocated, and I suspect the only serious work I’ll get done before dinner will involve reading, dredging up and dealing with the last of the inbox, and a bit of online stuff.

Jim Rossignol, fine human being and author of the excellent THIS GAMING LIFE, has a guest post on BLDGBLOG today. It has the brilliant title of "Procedural Destruction and the Algorithmic Fiction of the City," which ties back to the THRILLING WONDER STORIES gig we both participated in at the Architecture Association a few months back:

Antonov had noticed a few fundamental details about how the mid-nineteenth century neo-classical core of Paris had been constructed: big street-level floors, smaller attic spaces, complex chimney stacks. By increasing the emphasis on the lower floors, and stretching them out-and by emphasizing the height and complexity of the chimneys-Antonov was able to create a thematically consistent science fiction Paris…

OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator "Brain Mouse" – now under USD $100.

Congrats to John Rogers on LEVERAGE being picked up for a third (and longer!) season.

Via (and with notation by) John Robb: ten rules for information warfare.

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  1. BillyMcbrie BillyMcbrie

    Thought that said ‘Brain Mousse’ for a while there. That might be more interesting…

  2. I have absolutely no idea how you continue to be so prolific. Crazy.

    Can’t wait to read SUPERGOD.

    Looks like one of the crazier things of yours, potentially mindfuckingblowing.

  3. That whole “brain mouse” thing… well, if you’ve ever seen a video of someone trying one out, you’ll know why it’s a good conceptual first step and also why you’ll never be using one. You look like a freakin tool. I already grimace at my video games enough without it being required.

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