16 Responses to “A Photograph Of A Molecule”

  1. This made my morning.


  3. A molecule of *what*?

  4. The link works just fine.

  5. The bonds. The actual bonds!

  6. that was a great thing to wake up to, thanks.

  7. As a Man of Scienceā„¢, it is my duty to tell you that that is really frickin’ cool. Five rings of carbon linked together. What you’re seeing are the regions of high electron density. Remember that atoms are mostly empty space, and it’s the clouds of electrons whizzing about at ridiculous velocities and repelling other electrons that gives things structure at our macro scale.

    The “image” (technically a mapping produced by a raster scan) is fuzzy partially because of the limitations of the experimental technique, but (I’d bet) mostly because things are, in fact, fuzzy at that scale. There are degenerate, hybridized molecular orbitals which electrons can choose from effortlessly, and we don’t so much say where they “are” as much as “where they spend 99% of their time”. So cool.

  8. Wow, indeed…. it’s a shame my day actually sucks alredy.

    -by unDaveā„¢

  9. Marvelous!

  10. It looks like a dental X-ray of (G)od’s teeth.

  11. So… why isn’t it in color? (Just kidding). This is so stinking COOL. Cool, cool, cool.

  12. That is so cool

  13. That’s amazing!

  14. wow
    that is really something. Giant step for science

  15. Looks like brass knuckles.

  16. Absolutely fantastic!!