Night Music: Tape Chants

July 30th, 2009 | music

YouTube clip, but audio-only. Stick with it. From the uploader:

Gregg Kowalsky playing his Tape Chants piece live at the Fairchild Chapel in Oberlin, OH. 6-10 cassette players were positioned around the chapel with source material of different sorts, Gregg walked around and made a live mix, slowly adjusting volume and speed/pitch. On tour with Ben Bracken. Dark night at the Fairchild.

The album is on eMusic.

4 Responses to “Night Music: Tape Chants”

  1. Surreal. Moves your brain to odd places.

  2. I can’t stop listening to this.

  3. oh oh must mention Phil Kline and in particular, his annual (still taking place?) boombox flashmob holiday event “Unsilent Night”

  4. Have you ever taken a shit- so hard- that it literaly (and I mean literaly in the opposite way that uninteresting people use the word literaly as a catch phrase for every experience ever felt by their pea brain minds, yes I am talking to you who order a triple venti hoco choco snickertastic caloric rape fest drink which passes for coffee (are you supposed to pull a neck muscle when you type?)) felt as if a fist was ramming through your anus, a shit that nearly buckled your knees because it was so releaving and glorious, that’s exactly what this sort of thing makes me think of.