PLANETARY #27: The Cover

July 17th, 2009 | Work

By my friend John Cassaday, taking us out in magnificent style.  Click.

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  1. Fitting. Coming full circle, and bringing up the travels.

    And good looking, of course :)

  2. That. Fucking. Rocks.

  3. If I cannot buy that as a poster… I. Will. Die.

  4. That is an amazing piece of work!

  5. DAMN! Worth the wait for sure.

  6. Should make into a desktop background of varying sizes please

  7. Awww, all the wondrous feelings i had from this book rushed back. there will never be anything like it again!

  8. that is goddamn magnificent.

  9. Sniff, sniff… Tears drop from my eyes and flood the keyboard.

    Thanks WE & JC!

  10. Sweet Jebus, that is better than I could have ever expected. Fuck a poster, let me buy a signed print to frame.

  11. That will be made my computer wallpaper once I’m home.

  12. That is sex. Sweet lord: sex.

  13. Holy shit that is awesome.

  14. That just gave me a boner.

  15. And the awesome colors are by the fabulous Laura Martin!

  16. See now I have to go back and read the whole series again to appreciate what the hell is going on.

  17. wow. That really is nice. love the way it’s divided into various depth tiers, each with a different color palette.

    I’m obviously in need of a refresher–but who is the shadowy figure looming above the logo?

  18. And I just noticed Ambrose running around the bottom of the map. Terrfic touch.

  19. Nice. Is this is a wrap cover, or will it be printed landscape?

  20. Karen and Tom literally voiced my reaction perfectly.

    Jesus flippin’ merde! That is going to be fun/sad/cool.

    October, eh? Somewhere there should be a creepy website counting down the days to its release.

  21. Holy cow. Mother, save us from such greatness. Thank you, John Cassaday and Laura Martin.

  22. oh, wow.

  23. #boner

  24. I just shagged my computer. Tenderly.

  25. @Jeff Johns

    I’m pretty sure it’s the thing that came back from the expedition to the fictional world and slaughtered everyone.

  26. Just adding my voice to those clamoring for a poster or print. I want to be able to look at this thing for years to come.

  27. Now that is a fucking cover. Anyone know who the shadowy figure at top center is?

    And Ambrose running…great touch. I hope he finds his way back for the finale.

  28. The shadowy figure is the refugee from the fictional universe, as seen in PLANETARY #9.

  29. This cover is going to need its own FAQ.

  30. Great cover

    @Jeremy: Think the shadowy figure is Melanctha.

  31. I’ts been almost three years since Planetary 26… I could wait three years more just to see 27 done. You guys do an awesome work. You have no idea how I enjoyed every single page of Planetary. Thank you, really, you make me feel happy.

  32. Gasp.

  33. Well, I’ve suddenly got a beautiful new desktop on my laptop. Thanks, John. You sit atop the medium. Just beautiful, beautiful work.


  34. wow…!

  35. Glorious & Beautiful! I can’t wait for this issue.

  36. Its a beautiful thang baby!

  37. My brain has just exploded. FYI shadowy figure above the logo is Hark, yes?

  38. So, #27 was no myth. This pleases me. ;)

  39. Gorgeous. But forgive the obtusity — why 27? Wasn’t 26 a perfect ending? (And I have to add that Planetary was my favorite limited series ever.)

  40. It lives!

  41. Mitchell; 27 is partially necessary because there are some pretty severe loose threads out there: They mentioned they were going to bring Ambrose back, but haven’t yet. And there’s still that traveller from the fictional universe running around out there which is just begging for expansion. The way I understood it, 26 ended the main story, this is an epilogue to wrap up everything else.

  42. I enjoy how encouraging all the other comments are.

    What an awesome cover. I love the circular, psychedelic design.

    I haven’t read any Planetary, but suddenly I need to.


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  45. Sorry to see it end, glad to see it end well.

  46. WANT.

  47. LOVE.

  48. wow… amazing! Can’t wait… FINALLY :)

  49. Holy Shit!

  50. Cntr right click, save as deskstop. Okay!!!

  51. Nice!!!!!

  52. Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters! That’s just the most beautiful cover I’ve seen in years! I cannot wait! When does the issue go on sale?

    Thanks to Warren Ellis, John Cassaday and Laura Martin for such and amazing ride!

  53. This is so beautiful, I honestly want to cry a little.

  54. Oh man, he did it… He fucking did it…
    That resumes the entire series in one simple word…