Jesus Was A Transvestite

This is kind of sad. Ten years ago, David Shayler blew the whistle on sinister goings-on in the British intelligence services. (Wonderfully, when he fled the country, the French refused to extradite him back to Britain.) Sadly, he appears to have gone completely mad.

His former girlfriend, Annie Machon, who also worked for MI5, believes his long
fight with the intelligence services has led him to suffer a breakdown.

It’s an interesting read. Terrible black humour in the fact that he’s now so crazy that even crazy people are shunning him.

…he joined the 9/11 Truth Movement, falling out with them when he said he believed the 2001 attacks were the work of the American government and that the planes which crashed into the Twin Towers were missiles disguised by holograms…

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  1. Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stared At Goats) has talked to Shayler twice in his BBC radio series Jon Ronson on…, the first time while he was in full blown 9/11 conspiracy mode, and the second when he announced himself as “the messiah”. Interesting stuff, and yeah, the guy’s definitely gone off the rails. I believe the episodes were Jon Ronson on Uncontrollable Responses & Jon Ronson on States of Mind, both of which can be found somewhere in this thread…

  2. Its not sad if he is happy, and he looks happy. There is a video of events on Tyting farm coming out soon. Is this Warren Ellis as in .. it is! Transmetropolitan is the best comic I have ever read! A frienand I started after reading that. Very inspiring. I thought someone who wrote that would be on the side of the freaks.

  3. Well if it turns out the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers were missiles disguised by holograms then maybe he won’t seem so crazy.

  4. Theres nothing sad about it at all. I saw a photo of him in the Times last weekend and i thought it was brilliant.
    Earths a nuthouse and he is celebrating that fact, we need more of this kind of thing.
    Hopefully someone can weave this development into a 007 tale, I would definitely pay to see Daniel Craig violently dispatching villians whilst in drag and suffering messianic delusions.

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