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  1. joseph leroux joseph leroux

    he won’t shoot. or if he does,we’ll see the apocalyptic absolutist ejaculated out of thin air to salvage the bondaged onanist (yeah,cos he control the mind of the girl,right?sooo,the only person he fucks is himself,na?) mhmmh.

  2. Rob Rob

    Good stuff, Warren. How much crap are you writing at once, exactly? It will no doubt blow my feeble mind.

    I was wondering, how exactly do you get a webcomic set up? Is it just a matter of buying a domain or are there other things involved, like hiring someone for the page design? I’ve been drawing, writing and publishing (publishing, pfffft, try local printer) my own comic for a few months. It appears to be doing rather badly, thanks to our current economic climate and the fact that I am poor and live in rural Australia. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to ever get decent exposure is by doing it as a webcomic. It’s not simple at all, it’s got the detail and size of a regular comic page. This is in no way a light comedy strip. I have no wish to consistently work for a major company, because I am not a fast artist. I write, pencil, ink and colour this beast all by myself. So the plan is to update it every few days, one page at a time.
    ANY help would be appreciated. In particular, help with finding a good hosting site with good prices and a cheap but good web designer. Sorry for this being a bit long. I figured you probably wouldn’t read an email if I sent it.

    Please don’t rain your unholy vengeance upon me, I just want to start a comic. email me if possible. email is in the field. :)

  3. I only just got to read this week’s Freakangels because of….domestic unrest.


  4. james james

    Am I to think that Mark is somehow making this happen?

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