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From: Warren Ellis
To: Bad Signal mailing list
Subject: [Bad Signal] Steam
Date: June 27, 2009 – 7:17 pm EST

Back in my hotel room to write this talk, and I put
Glastonbury up on the tv while I write. Springsteen’s
on. Not a huge fan of the man, though I admire
his industry. The man puts in a day’s work on stage.
And he’s sweating, working hard. Got his foot up
on an amp as he sings. It’s just him, right now, the
stage is blacked out, and there’s one spot behind
him. And he’s hot, and it’s cold night out there, and
he’s steaming. And he’s just blown the authenticity
thing and gone into supermystification, because it
looks like he’s got an electromagnetic halo, curls of
glowing, pearly white light rising up from and playing
around his head and shoulders while he stands there
in near-silhouette….

He looks like he’s The Last Rock Star, the Ascended
Master who glows in the dark.

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  1. james james

    that’s how i see the man on most days. I love that description of his performance.

  2. So perfect. Not cool enough for Glastonbury according to Sean Lennon. Springsteen was never cool. But for nearly 40 years he’s played like it was his last night on the planet, up there with guys he’s been playing with since he was 14 years old. I aspire to be that uncool.

  3. knome514 knome514

    i love this piece, Mr. Ellis.

  4. kyle ethan kyle ethan

    Honest work. Not much a fan of his stuff, but the man is an honest worker. Folks forgot what a rock-star is suppose to be. Pity on the social, but a good quick piece.

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