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Just noticed this, from coverage of Digital Humanities 09:

Jeremy (Douglass) talks about Warren Ellis’ Freakangels. We could quantize pages by panel count on each page. Or we could treat all the pages as a single sequence of images, auto-detect each frame on each page and number them all in order. We could quantize by the aspect ratio of the frames: one beat for a quarter-page frame, two beats for half-page frames. All kinds of “DNA sequences” could be constructed, and then we could try to extract information. Jeremy is working on software that auto-detects information and then, in Mac OS X, inserts it into image files as label and content information. Poof, Finder becomes a visual browser…

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  1. Heh, we’re in serious trouble now: Warren, and FreakAngels, has been co-opted by The Academics. I wondered how long it would take …

  2. *snort*

    Some of The Academics are way cooler than you might’ve thought, Alfonso. Check out the Software Studies Lab where Jeremy, mentioned in the post, works. I covet their toys.

  3. vika, did you know there’s a 12-step for that problem?

    I’m very well aware of this situation or I wouldn’t have made the comment. But given the popularity of Freakangels and the dearth of response to Warren’s post, it kind of proves my point …

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