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Live at in which we underpin the previous in a series of parentheses:

I should also mention here Jean-Pierre Dionnet, the grinning Angel Of The Odd —
as his blog is entitled — comics writer and editor of the seminal French sf
comics anthology METAL HURLANT, who introduced me to my Paris hotel suite with: “you will like this place very much. This is where I lived for a couple of years
after my wife threw me out…"

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  1. Hi,

    Following your advice, I`ll try to do something different for myself now, so, I`m inviting you to visit my humble blog – where I dare to share some of my drawings.
    I would like to have some feedback from you, if there is any future for me or not… thank you!

    Clara ( Portugal)

  2. Just a nitpick: didn’t you work with Frank Quitely on some of the Authority issues?

  3. @rikchik–

    ‘Twas Mark Millar paired with Quitely.

  4. joseph leroux joseph leroux

    ellis sama,bonjour et merci. imagine if celine have known the internet,and had a blog? then you understand what it’s like for someone of my generation to read you. i’m reading FELL right now,and there’s this guy in the backmatter pages who says “if it doesn’t make me feel sane,at least it lets me know i’m not alone in being insane” and the more i read you,the more i feel the same.
    about the present text,two things: first,the name dropping and the location is a delight for my parisian ego,thank you;second,you seem a little sad behind those words and it’s good to know you have human-sized feelings.
    i do not want to annoy you any longer so farewell and pardon my english (on the other hand i do not understand why i should respect the new roman empire’s language)
    PS:thank you for CRECY and good luck for your andropause,moo-ha-ha.

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