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Hack/Fraud Warning: MachineKunt

My friend Anna Young just dropped me this note:

My friend Rachel (Experiment Haywire) is staying at my place this weekend. She was telling me that her [record label site] MachineKunt was hacked and someone was impersonating her. They created a fraud site to get money from her fans. She posted info about this on her site and is trying to spread the word to as many other indie artists as possible, so they don’t get ripped off too and can stand up for their rights as artists.

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  1. Hmm… Rachel is well known for using made up or intentionally provoked drama as a promotional tool. It would not surprise a great many people to learn that this was another of her hoaxes.

  2. Posting your idiotic slander in Warren Ellis’s blog? That is just low… even for you. The FBI has already investigated this so let’s see if I “hacked my own website for publicity” as you came.

    I’m sorry I happened to get my name out there as an independent artist and that this upsets you because you don’t like my personality. Find something better to do with your time though.


  3. Rachel is a very creative individual, and would come up with a much better story if she was weaving a tale for promotional purposes. It would make no sense to interrupt business like this in any case. People love to fuck with her and this is just the kind of petty malevolence they’ll pull.

  4. Rachel would never do such a thing for attention. And like P. said before it would slow down her buisness. This is going to take a long time to fix. And hacking a hole website is never a joke. So Mr. Endif what don’t you FUCK OFF about shit you dont know. I think you’re the one wanting attention. Peace

  5. Soo, how’d the FBI investigation go?
    I notice your targets are all still alive, free, and well.

    Yeah, I thought so.

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