Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool.

A new website from Rich Johnston, who ran the insanely popular Lying In The Gutters column at CBR for years. He’d argue the toss up and down, but he’s still probably the only real comics journalist the internet has yet produced. He says over on Whitechapel today:

Yesterday was the last Lying In The Gutters. But a good gossipmonger never dies. He just goes from a weekly column to a daily blogsite.

Bleeding Cool will feature everything you love and hate about Lying In The Gutters, but every day, reacting to topical news and featuring a host of columns, features, interviews, reviews, previews and…. let’s go with familiar names. Expect real innovation.

It’s funded by Avatar Press, who have promised a hands-off editorial process, but whom I’ll give an Avatar Plug Of The Week to to keep them happy.

1 June 2009.

At which point, I may as well confess that I’ll be returning to writing weekly about comics and things at

12 thoughts on “Bleeding Cool”

  1. Ah! It all comes together; I’d been half expecting something like this, although I’d though Mr. Ellis might be the mystery person on CBR.

    Look forward to the info and entertainment, gents!

  2. Warren, I’ve enjoyed your writing about comics as much as your writing in comics. For my money, your run on Come in Alone has not been surpassed. Vary much looking forward to seeing you and Mr. Johnston under the same banner again.

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