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  1. As unique as that weapon is, I can’t imagine you could throw the punch very far before, uh, some sort of epic failure that’s too painful for me to contemplate at this moment.


    When I die I’m leaving my eyes to science, for if this did no cause them to completely combust then they should be used to line the underbelly of the space shuttle.

  3. Jared Jared

    I have to agree with the robot–that weapon only has a range of one foot, at best. Therefore, weapon fail.

  4. Colonel Sponsz Colonel Sponsz

    That tag must save you some time on research over there.

  5. fred davis fred davis

    Surely you’d want to start from a greater height than whatever foe had decided to engage you in pugilism? and then sort of jump down at them, crotch-first, slipping your hands into your bollock-dusters and sort of thrusting your pelvis out and punching just as you make contact with their face.

    pros: saves you having to tea bag them after the fight.

    cons: your scrotum might explode, sqiurting sperm all over the place.

    pros: your scrotum might explode, squirting high pressure sperm into their eye socks, where your crack commando sperm may burrow through their body all the way down to their groin where they can start a fight inside your opponents body.

    cons: doesn’t really work if your opponent also tries to scrotum box, as the entire thing would end up with two men with hteir trousers down their pants, jumping up and down and trying to thrust their groins into each other’s faces.

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