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Webcomics: Tyme And Terror

It’s Tuesday. You’re all back at work. And you want something to read, don’t you? DON’T YOU? Course you bloody do.

I read a chunk of Jake Harold’s JUSTINE TYME at MCM in print form, but it’s all on the web too:

One day you’re with your friends at school, going about your normal life, then the next you wake up in a strange forest being chased by dinosaurs. Oh, and you have a robot arm for some reason. Isn’t that the lifestyle of every 15 year old girl? No? Justine didn‘t think so either…

Jon Scrivens’ LITTLE TERRORS is an oddly, blackly funny horror-action epic:

Fitsworth, England. A small commuter town just outside London, not exactly the first place you think of when you hear of epic battles again hordes of undead corpses, Trolls, zombie bears and evil monks…

Both highly entertaining ways to waste your employers’ time and money today. You’re welcome.

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  1. I had not hear of either of these web-comics, but Little Terrors quite damn good. I plan to waste several hours today with it.

  2. DAko DAko

    great, i was looking an excuse to don’t do my homework.

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