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LUC 176

I can’t get there, as I’m off to Dundee that day, but the indiecomics event LUC 176 should be on the calendar for anyone in reach of London. Obviously, many of you should go along just to pelt the ubiquitous Gillen & McFamous McKelvie with stale food (which they will later pick up and eat anyway), but likely lads such as Ellerby, Scrivens and Harold are also on hand.  And they’d probably not say no to a bit of stale food either.

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  1. Cheers for the plug! I think the LUC site is still holding up…

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    It’s a Bank Holiday. Slow day on the internets.

  3. Well I think you successfully brought Mister Harold’s site to its knees. Didn’t get to meet you on Saturday, but hopefully see you in October if you come along? Were Anna’s whiskey bringing skills and Jake’s lazers enough to coax you back? Was definitely the bestest expo yet, from my point of view. I think it may be the start of something awesome and special…

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