It’s A Pretty Death Trap, I Have To Admit

May 16th, 2009 | researchmaterial

NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis is on an 11-day mission to repair and upgrade the
Hubble Space Telescope. The shuttle’s silhouette can be seen against the sun in
this image
taken from Florida on Tuesday, when the shuttle was on its way to
Hubble (Image: NASA/Thierry Legault)


10 Responses to “It’s A Pretty Death Trap, I Have To Admit”

  1. Humans rock.

  2. Reminiscent of this image of a space shuttle on manoeuvres near the ISS:

  3. I have frequent nightmares of falling up into space. Perpetual vertigo.

  4. While it looks like a silhouette in front of a styrofoam planet, it is actually the sun and shuttle. In logical terms, that picture should cause anyone who see’s it to piss their pants. A man made construction, most likely millions of miles away from its home atmosphere, framed by A STAR, a freakin’ STAR, plasma and all that bit, doing it’s best to fix a fucking camera thrown out there by NASA. I often times wonder at the audacity of my country’s space program only because it’s the equivalent of fighting a giant with a fucking sling, pardon the biblical reference! For fuck all we’re hurling PEOPLE off our planet on less money than we spend on airplanes to fight…whoever shows up!

  5. Well, not millions of miles, hundreds of miles. But yeah.

  6. Yeh there is a lack of awe when we view this image, we are so jaded by TV and movie special effects that when we view the real thing it doesn’t have the impact it should. Like the Mars images, the world didn’t hold its breath like it did for the moon landing – we take these things for granted and forget how big space is and how it can quickly end us. After reading quite a bit of Stephen Hawking’s work I have come to understand that the only reason humans managed to evolve is that the common catastrophic events through out the universe just haven’t happened here. We apparently live in the cosmos’ most boring neighborhood. Massive solar flares, stars exploding, and asteroid collisions happen through out the universe like fires, mudslides, and earthquakes happen through out California. A single neighboring star going super nova would end all life here period, nothing you can do, no where to go.
    Space exploration is a joke – we take pictures, mineral samples, a launch things out there to eventually become debris like beer cans on a highway.
    Without a real, self sustaining space station, with its own “in space” transportation, we’re just throwing cameras at distant planets.
    I wouldn’t knock the Hubble though, its the one thing that NASA built that has really worked. It wasn’t meant to last this long, and Bush tried to pull the plug on it, and yet it has been the single best source for whats going on out there than anything launched into space. New and important discoveries are made with the Hubble all the time.
    If we spent more money on exploration rather than war, we might actually get somewhere.

  7. humm… looks like a amazing splash page to me…talk about nature’s sense of wonder….
    I am working a law here for this. I need an isolated cave and enough drugs to overdose a small city.

  8. I am peeing hard.

  9. it’s honestly kinda stunning in the complete stark realty that it shows; no special effects, no details out the wazoo – just emptiness and isolation; space.

  10. Even better, the shuttle and Hubble, moments before capture. Taken by the same guy.