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On Whitechapel This Evening (13may09)

At my internet flophouse tonight:

* Tell Ellis Of Your New Comics (13may09) – bought comics this week? Talk about them. Markets are conversations etc etc ad bleeding nauseum

* REMAKE/REMODEL: The Octopus – Pia Guerra (Y THE LAST MAN) just showed up and owned everybody. Though it is an excellent jam in general this week.

* Webcomics Week (May 2009) – and it’s only Wednesday. AMAZING stuff in here.

* This Week In Comics (13may09) – many creators show up to talk about their work on offer in comics stores this week.

* The Self Portrait Imagethread (May09) – they are all taking their clothes off and insulting me

* Home Brewing – Whitechapel is all things to all people.

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