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The whole thing aired last night in Canada on Teletoon, and airs late tonight in the USA on Adult Swim. Check your listings.

FAQ: a lot of people seemed to think that the "satellites" were in "space," despite the contrary being stated on two or three separate occasions in the series itself. This had led to people calling me names for sending people into space via balloon. I would direct you to Project Manhigh, which was mentioned in the show. Also, the stratosphere — I used the word several times in the show — is not space. And the "satellites" were Stratellites or Stratospheric Airships, a concept I encountered many years ago, one of which has already been successfully flown at an altitude of 74000 feet, or 22 miles. Which puts it well inside the stratosphere, which starts 6 miles up and transitions to the mesosphere at 31 miles up.

See? Isn’t paying attention science fun?

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  1. Hoople Hoople

    I found it easy to follow that the stratosphere/stratalites were not in space. Your writing and research are superb, and I’m sorry people are dumb…and I’m happy you are not.

  2. Jason V Jason V

    laugh,, poeple seem to not be able to get past the dumb of them selfs… and let alone pay attention..

    the series ROCKS

  3. I must say you referenced everything within the confines of the show expertly, using Milspeak to enhance the right aspects.

    I thought is was great.

    The only problem i had was having to watch it via Youtube….

    Seems America has yet to grasp the notion of intertubes…they want their cake and to eat it too…….yummy cake….

    You have anything else coming our way soon?

  4. Dan Dan

    Science and thorough reasearch both.

  5. Hello Mr. Ellis, I just want to say that the G.I. Joe Resolute series is wicked awesome! I’m not sure how to contact you so I am writing this here. I know on a website called hisstank ( loves Resolute as much as I do and we think that the series should keep going, maybe a prequel to the current episodes to show how G.I. Joe and Cobra were formed. Again, great series, great work.. please keep it going :D

  6. Lonnie Lonnie

    The series was so great! I loved everything about it. And I to am willing to watch and support an series! I visit hisstank a lot even though I am not a member and he is telling the truth. They love it there and you have huge support. So please go back to Hasbro and plea to make it a series! lol! Thanks for the best hour of my mid adult life!

  7. Thank you for the heads-up. I just scheduled a recording. It will be neat to see it on the bigger screen.

    Um, yeah, this is neat stuff. Far too old to have watched the old cartoons, and while I’m not exactly a peacenik I gotta say that a G.I. Joe cartoon wouldn’t be something I’d ordinarily watch. But this was fun and smart and had some dandy ass-whomping.

  8. l1zrdking l1zrdking

    Overall I enjoyed it (I’m quite the Joe fan, and I’m a Warren fan, so, I was psyched) I had a few small things I didn’t like, (mostly minor fanboy stuff) but this was still far better than I expect the movie to be. I just cant wait for more “behind the scenes” notes from the man himself.

  9. Rey Rey

    Yeah, I distinctly recall hearing [20 miles] during the show. In defense of the willfully stupid and those who can’t be bothered to fact-check before spouting off, we learn to zone out most discourse all through grade school here in America, because most of our teachers are mind-achingly, soul-crushingly dull and/or stupid, as well.Anyhow, if you do another one of the, please kill Duke!

  10. Rey Rey

    one of these, I should say.

  11. SC SC

    Just caught the full airing on Adult Swim. It was freaking awesome!

    However, I do agree with an earlier post from the Ep 9 & 10 topic–it should have been Scarlett & Snake Eyes.

  12. Gavin Hignight Gavin Hignight

    Warren, thank you for writing the GI Joe cartoon I’ve been waiting for, for 25 years! Absolutely awesome, it respected the source material yet was totally fresh.

  13. Luis R Luis R

    Well written, and true to the characters! I believe those complaining about tech details in ignorance are the new generation < 20. Those of us near twice that age and fans of the “American Heroe” legacy, have had significant exposure to the genre to know better. Not only the lingo, but the interwoven tapestry of mil-tech lent credibility to the story; better than most bond movies at that! I have my doubts that the coming hollywould adaptation will be capable of holding a candle to this animated masterpiece.

    Only true complaint: to many full-auto rounds fired and scarcely a single hit, even when Joe bravado has them fully exposed. A bit inconsistent considering characters actually perish in this series.

    Here’s hoping ‘CN’ and other outlets see the value in new Joe projects within the same vein. Keep up the good work!

  14. Stoutwalker Stoutwalker

    Great work!

    It brought back old, fond memories, then took those sacred cows and slaughtered them before my eyes, and made what remained something amazing.

    I’ve been waiting 25 years for this!

  15. Lorne Lorne

    I bet the people responsible for the upcoming blockbuster will come to wish they had hired you for it.

  16. dekuton dekuton

    i just want more. is that so wrong of me to ask? The way it was done was amazing. character removal was handled really well. and even the sleight changes here and there were pretty awesome and not upsetting at all. would love to see more. twould be freakin sweet. and a wonderful surprise. keep up the good work

  17. Will E Will E

    I grew up watching GI Joe, and when I first seen this I was quite excited that somebody did something modern with it.
    For somebody that did not grow up watching GI Joe, I must say you did one hell of a job writing that!
    Hopefully you will consider making a few more epps of this.

  18. tstroup79 tstroup79

    i found it to be awesome. One of the greatest 80’s cartoons came back to life. They made it into the new years to come. I couldn’t have my child watch this with me. I’m glad to see that all those bullets being shot finally hit someone, but they still didn’t have to reload a weapon at all. I still loved it, understood it(including the science behind it)and, the art work was very detailed. Just want to say thank you Hasbro you are awesome.
    Please lower your prices on the single figures.

  19. James Bong James Bong

    I kind of pity whoever will eventually be working on projects within the stratosphere. Actual, weightless astronauts have enough trouble as it is, It must be a special kind of hell to work in a bulky, immobile, pressurized, HEAVY suit with full awareness of gravity and the knowledge that if you fall you will have a horrifically long time to reflect and watch the ground get bigger.

    P.S. Go Joe.

  20. Tecnotango Tecnotango

    Tecnotango- Your comment is awaiting moderation. April 26th, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    Great episodes, my two cents: it is obvious that Scarlett and Duke had to be the team couple, they match perfectly and besides its complicated to develope the Snake eyes and Scarlett stuff in short time I mean its easier that she chooses Duke and leave Snake eyes because he is supose to be alone, and Duke is the all american hero he he has to win even the girl.

  21. Beau Davis Beau Davis

    A response to Luis R. I agree to what you say about the new people. G.I. Joe did contain some Sci-Fi elements, but all of us that have seen “A Real American Hero” will agree that the overall franchise is not a Sci-Fi franchise, it supposed to be and is a military franchise. It was started when some of us had family members fighting in the Vietnam War. While I do like the laser from the previous series, that is not reality, not yet. Seeing bullets being fired from guns, blood going over places, and some foul language makes this version of G.I. Joe very realistic. Now if those people want a Sci-Fi series, should go to Transformers since Hasbro set that franchise to a Sci-Fi franchise. This one a military franchise and not a sci-fi franchise. It also nice that a familiar voice actor from the original series came back and did voice work of two of the characters from his fellow deceased cast member.

  22. Fan Fan

    Thank you, great job, and I hope to see more

  23. Jay Jay

    If you enjoyed the show as a kid, the science and make believe of Resolute should not bother you. I was bothered by so many Cobra deaths and so few Joe deaths in comparison. Also, if bullets can kill Cobra Troopers why can’t they kill Duke and Scarlett? And why are Cobra Troopers extremely bad shots… even at close range? This distracted from the realistic concept. In the final analysis if Resolute is a prelude to more Joe cartoons, then it was a major success, but if that’s the end, the success was only minor. Because it was too short with too many unresolved questions and I don’t want my favorite childhood characters going out like that…. yes, Major Bludd was one of my favorites as a kid.

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