April 24th, 2009 | brainjuice, people I know

Unbelievable. I missed a few Closedowns and people actually started missing them and complaining. So here’s Katie West.

My day has mostly been eaten by phone calls, work crap and people walking in and out of my bloody office like it’s Victoria fucking Station outside.

In related news, I need a Tactical Defense Pen.

Goodnight internet.


5 Responses to “Closedown”

  1. That pen is much to dangerous in your skilled hands.

  2. Eighty nine bucks for a pen? Cheaper to just drive a disposable biro into someone’s eye.

  3. I hear an audible “foomph”, as though an umbrella was opened.

  4. Personaly I like to have choices when it comes to combat pens

  5. I’d go with the Tuff-Writer. That sucker is pretty much bomb-proof.