Coming Later This Year…

April 22nd, 2009 | Work

I had a slight sort of terrible brain seizure one day, and when I came out of it I found I had written this:


I apologise in advance.

20 Responses to “Coming Later This Year…”

  1. Is that the name of your biography by any chance?

  2. oh god.

  3. Why apologize? I finally have a visual that sums off my irrational belief that my story will one day rise up like a living thing, pop the knots of ill-logic from itself with a feline flex, and bound out into the world to slit the throats of all other thought-forms with talons of epistemological perfection. I am pleased.

  4. Adam, don’t you mean oh supergod?

  5. This sounds brilliant from the title alone. Looking forward to the reserve-coupon-thingy (you are gonna do one, right?).

  6. oh gosh. i want.

  7. So there IS a second webcomic coming…

    I’d better work fast.

  8. I just heard that you have a second webcomic forthcoming…?



  10. Will Supergod battle God-Jesus?

  11. If the title refers to a particular character and he/she/it speaks with a Texas drawl, I am going to start laughing uncontrollably.

  12. Is this any type of reference to the Jim Croce song “Lover’s Cross”?

  13. Is it a buddha
    is it jahveh
    No It’s SUPERGOD


  14. Alex, Col.Purple –
    Not a second webcomic coming…

    S U P E R G O D

    However, the Earth has been blown off its axis, and in a
    most dramatic and dangerous and expensive sequence, it spins off into
    space. There are appallingly expensive scenes of devastation and horror
    and the find incredibly expensive climax is reached as thousands of ape
    monsters in very expensive costumes descend from the sky onto these,
    plug up a whole city which has to be specially built and fling them all
    into the sea very expensively…

  15. This makes me unreasonably happy.

  16. Supergod: the God that Can’t Be Stopped.

  17. This made a great impression on my daughter. As far as she understood from the religion classes, God is this very powerful creature who watches everyone and smacks down those he doesn’t like – a concept that appeals to her to the point of asking me if she can be one when she grows up.

    When I showed her a Supergod is coming she started drooling.

  18. The mind boggles at the delightfully frightening possible ways that something entitled “Supergod” could go…

  19. Brilliant! You can have my money!

  20. this makes me think of Morrison’s Viderama for some reason. Or more obviously Kirkman’s Battlepope.

    Very excited.